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Advanced Metering Infrastructure

Fixed Network Wireless AMI

Mega-Net is the optimal fixed network AMI system available in the world today. The Mega-Net system cost is far less than that of a walk-by or drive-by system or other fixed network systems having an extensive data collection network. Operating on a FCC licensed radio frequency, the Mega-Net system is free from any interference.
Being this is a true, fully automated meter reading system, no additional cost is required to obtain daily meter readings. Both the cost and allocation of field personnel resource is eliminated. The Mega-Net system is always on guard proving real-time meter reads and instant fault detection notice. No more estimate bills, no more on-site final reads, and no more customers complaining about the meter reader tracking through their house or yard. With Mega-Net, you never need to leave your office to get a reading, so just relax and read.


The MEGA-NET system enables automatic wireless transmission of meter readings from residential and commercial meters to a computerized control center. The MEGA-NET system delivers readings and provides real-time alerts upon detection of any abnormal event. Utilizing long-range wireless technology, the MEGA-NET is simple to deploy, yet offers many powerful tools to the utility.






KP's Mega-Net AMI Fixed Network on display at Elster booth at the ACE 2012 expo in Dallas Texas.,AAAAAEheacc~,POub7blnBC9Z2iOUW_bAmtWu7FKawifO&bclid=1696328562001&bctid=1697291324001


KP's Somerville AMI case study
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