NPR Server™

Network Provider Server

KP developed the ultimate alarm transmission platform. This unique solution offers full scalability and flexibility, supporting hundreds of thousands of RF end-points on a single network.

The NPR Server™, located at the Central Station, or at the Network Provider office, offers a modern and secure communication link with RMR Station™ repeaters. Used in large scale projects, the NPR Server™ offers reliable high-speed data collection, with full flexibility and control of fixed network infrastructure.

At preset intervals, the NPR Server™ polls the repeaters deployed throughout the network, efficiently and quickly downloading packets of data and transferring it to the monitoring software.

Real-time network diagnostics and alerts streaming in from several means of communication ensure the most reliable and efficient large-scale data communication network.

NPR Server™ is the heart of the RMR system,and includes a powerful server computer, with RF & IP modems, power supply, as well as additional optional modules.