Alarm Transmitter

The ATS100™ (VHF 136-174 MHz) and ATSU100™ UHF 400-512 MHz) units are a new generation of advanced, high-performance, RF alarm transmitters. Manufactured using the latest SMD technology. The ATS100™ unit delivers a winning combination of reliability and cost.

Compact in form but powerful in performance, the ATS family offers Full Contact-ID reporting over a long-range wireless link or long-range wireless links to the Central Station. Field programming allows installer to set up parameters such as ID, frequencies, periodic test, power output, etc.

Flexibility allows using ATS in any configuration - use it combined with any alarm panel to report full data, or as a stand-alone transmitter for panic button or guard control applications.

Reliability was the major factor taken into consideration during development of the ATS, resulting in many built-in features such as double frequency reporting and unique error checking and data protection.

The proof is in the product – almost two million ATS units successfully deployed worldwide.

Features Documents
  • Synthesized VHF and UHF units
  • Programmable periodic test messages
  • Serial port & Bluetooth programming 
  • Interfaces with any alarm panel for transfer of full Contact ID
  • 8 dry contact inputs
  • Double frequencies for emergency backup and extra protection
  • Compact and easy to install