RMR Station™

Super Repeater

The RMR Station™ is a Super Repeater that includes a powerful industrial computer, advanced RF receivers (up to 8 channels) and several combinations of backhaul devices (RF modem, Cellular modem, WAN).

RMR Stations are designed to receive RF end-points and older generation repeaters (SMR), and collect the data on the computer database, with practically unlimited capacity.

Data is processed, then compressed and encrypted for efficient and extremely fast transfer to the Central Monitoring Station (thousands of messages within seconds).

Transmission media are a combination of high-speed RF modem, Cellular modem or WAN connection. Each communication medium acts as a backup to the other, ensuring maximum reliability at minimum cost. RF modem and/or WAN are typically used as the main links, and Cellular is used as backup.






Features Documents

• RF, Ethernet, and Cellular links to Central Monitoring Station
• Dedicated receivers used for receive only, listening to the channel 100% of the time
• 2-way communication with NPR Server – each message acknowledged for maximum reliability
• Up to 8 channels – supporting very large number of end-points
• Full remote access and software upgrades
• Unlimited message buffer
• Outdoor or Indoor housing