The MATSEC™ was developed following strong demand from customers, looking for a way to
transmit alarm signals from locations where AC power is unavailable or non-reliable.

MATSEC™ incorporates a long-range RF alarm transmitter, operating on a licensed frequency, and a long-lasting battery pack that provides many years of autonomous operation.

The electronics, battery, and antenna are all housed in a weatherproof plastic housing, providing a compact, robust and very reliable unit.

In an event of an alarm on any of the four inputs of the MATSEC™, an alarm signal is transmitted wirelessly and received within a split of a second at the alarm monitoring center, allowing for instant response.



  • Military Bases
  • Telephone Distribution Boxes
  • Perimeter Security
  • Camp Security
  • Parking lot panic buttons
  • Mine panic buttons
  • Prison and Security Guards
  • Hospitals
  • ATM & Vending machines
  • Vacant properties
  • Sewage and water level sensors