Let The AMI System Work for You!

18 May, 2016

AMI systems are designed to allow water utilities to be more efficient in collecting water meter reads for billing; it also provides water utilities and their staff with a new set of tools to analyze real time data while enhancing customer engagement efforts and water conservation awareness.

The KP MegaNet™ AMI system offers various conservation tools, one of which is a feature of real time push notification identifying accounts with low and/or no flow. The direct result is the ability to recognize unaccounted for water and prevent significant revenue losses.

A recent case reported by one of KP MegaNet™ customers shows how a possible revenue loss of over $13,500 on a single 6” meter was prevented with this awesome feature.

The attached graph shows a two-month consumption of a low side 6-inch meter located at a large commercial property. As can be seen, the meter was averaging ~27,600 gallons of water daily, up until it began to malfunction on April 28th 2016, since then causing roughly $37 of lost revenue per day. This adds up quickly to over $1,100 per month.

The utility’s billing system was unsuccessful in identifying the substantial drop-off in usage. However, the MegaNet™ NO FLOW notification prevented this meter from going a full year before it would have been identified as not working, which could have resulted in a revenue loss of over $13,500!