28 February, 2024

KP Introduces New Multi-jet Dry Digital Water Meter With Built-In Radio for AMI Applications

TEFEN, ISRAEL - KP, a leader in water metering solutions, announces the launch of its latest innovation, the Multi-jet Dry Digital Water Meter with Built-In Radio for AMI Applications. Designed for residential use, this super dry water meter features an integral high-power radio for Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) and Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) applications.

Key features of the new meter include:

- Available in sizes 15mm-50mm for cold water

- Model BRB MID Approved

- OIML-R49 Certified Built-In Radio

- FCC approved

- 1 Watt UHF (400-500 MHz)

- Built-in battery for 10-year operational life

- KP proprietary protocol & standard protocols

"We are excited to introduce this advanced water metering solution to the market," said Isaac Ben, Marketing Manager at KP. "With its innovative design and reliable performance, this meter is poised to revolutionize water metering in residential applications."