Revolutionizing Rural Connectivity: Introducing CLM Cellular Last Mile System

28 February, 2024


TEFEN, ISRAEL - In a breakthrough for rural connectivity, KP WIRELESS DATA SOLUTIONS announces the launch of its innovative CLM Cellular Last Mile System. Designed to address the connectivity challenges faced in areas with low cellular network saturation, such as rural regions, the CLM system offers an unparalleled solution for improved coverage and communication.


Traditional cellular networks often neglect rural areas due to low user density, leaving residents and businesses with subpar connectivity. In these areas, where conventional cellular providers lack motivation to enhance coverage, the CLM system steps in to bridge the gap.


The key advantage of the CLM system lies in its ability to provide robust coverage with minimal infrastructure. Unlike conventional approaches that require multiple cellular sites, the CLM system utilizes just one Cellular Gateway (RCGW00x) alongside ISM (non-license bands) radios (CLM00x) for other controllers. This streamlined approach significantly reduces costs and complexity, making it a cost-effective solution for rural connectivity.


"With the CLM Cellular Last Mile System, we're revolutionizing rural connectivity by providing a scalable and efficient solution," said Isaac Ben, Marketing Manager at KP. "By leveraging our innovative technology, communities in rural areas can now enjoy reliable connectivity without the need for extensive infrastructure investment."


The versatility of the CLM system extends to its compatibility with various cellular networks, including NB-IoT and Cat M, offering flexibility to adapt to diverse connectivity requirements. Additionally, the system's radio component supports ISM bands such as 915/868/433MHz, with a coverage range of up to 5km depending on package baud rate and radio power regulation.


"In regions where traditional cellular coverage falls short, the CLM system empowers users with seamless connectivity for critical applications such as irrigation systems," added Isaac Ben. "Our solution enables efficient communication, regardless of geographical constraints, unlocking new possibilities for productivity and development."


The CLM Cellular Last Mile System represents a significant step towards bridging the digital divide in rural communities, empowering them with access to essential services and opportunities.


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