DI100™ is a dialer communication interface, communicating between any alarm panel with a dialer, and KP's alarm transmitters.

Model of DI100™ includes built-in Telephone Line Monitor (TLM).  With this model of DI there is no need for the installer to program the alarm panel TLM and the programmable output to follow it and eliminates the need to connect the PGM to the DI.

The DI100™ connects between the alarm panel and the telephone line and in parallel to a KP alarm transmitter.

Operational modes:

The operational mode can be set easily by the four dipswitches 

The DI100™  enables connection to any alarm panel and sending full Contact ID data via the KP alarm transmitter

DI100™ has low impedance, so it neither influences the telephone line nor the communications between the dialer and the Central Monitoring Station, via the telephone line.

While operating, the DI100™ will sniff the line till it receives its dialing number “11”, when detected, the DI100™ will disconnect the Telephone line and hook itself to the alarm panel simulating a CMS.  It will handshake with the panel, obtaining the event details and then kiss-off the panel for goodbye.