Head-End Receiver

KP developed the ultimate Advance Metering Infrastructure platform. The unique MegaNet™ solution offers full scalability and flexibility, supporting hundreds of thousands of RF end-points on a single network.

The Head-End Receiver™ located at the utility office, or hosted at the Network Provider office, offers a modern and secure communication link with RMR™ Collectors. Used in small and/or large scale projects, the Head-End Receiver offers reliable high-speed data collection, with full flexibility and control of fixed network infrastructure.

At preset intervals, the Head-End Receiver™ polls the collectors deployed throughout the network, efficiently and quickly downloading packets of data and transferring it to the Meter Control Management (MCM) software.

 Key Benefits



Features Documents
  • Remote software programming
  • Multi-protocol, receive and transmit different protocols on one unit
  • Includes built-in signal strength measurement
  • Windows based General Utility Program (GUP5000™)
  • Efficient use of protocols
  • Rapid interrogation of end units
  • Fast baud rate between the RMR5000C™ and PC
  • PC alerts of RMR5000C status
  • Unlimited message buffer