Two-Way Wall Mount MTU

MegaNet™ MTU

The MegaNet™ Two-Way Meter Transmission Unit (MTU) is the first of new breed of fixed base AMI products. 

Above grade, the KP MTU can transmit its data as far as 20 miles line of site, and 3 to 5 miles, in normal deployment.

This long range is achieved by two key features of the KP products:

The long range allows the KP product to be installed in locations previously unavailable to AMI technology.

The MTU is designed to analyze meter usage and data recorded by the Encoder register and transmit it back to the utility in real time. KP’s MTU operates on a licensed frequency in the VHF 154-174 MHz or UHF 450-470 MHz bands, ensuring maximum reliability. The MTU suits all applications including inside/outside Wall-mount options, Encoder/Digital Pulse, and single / dual / quad port configurations. The standard MTU is pre-programmed to deliver hourly and daily usage data, improving customer service and allowing the utility to better address consumption disputes, water conservation, and monitoring of water usage. When attached to a meter, the MTU monitors, identifies, and immediately notifies the utility of alarms such as continuous flow, no flow, leaks, tampering, and reverse flow. Readings and meter data are stored in the MCM software database for historical customer usage profile generation. MegaNet™ Two-way functionality allows for instantaneous on-demand meter reads and the ability to connect and disconnect a Mueller Systems' remote shut-off meter.

The MegaNet™ MTU is universal and compatible with any water meter (Pulse / Encoder) (Scancoder, Invision and Smart Meter), Neptune (ARB III / IV / V, ProRead, Auto Detect, and E-Coder), Sensus (ECR II and ICE), Badger (ADE), Hersey (Translator), Metron, and all other common Absolute Encoder registers. Digital Pulse MTU compatible with Elster Digital and Badger RTR registers.

KP’s MTU has one operational mode - full two Watts power output in each transmission,
without any reduction to warranty. Based on two and a half decades of expertise and experience deploying Fixed Networks in the demanding security industry, KP employs field proven levels of safety measures to protect the data, creating the most reliable communication system offered to the AMI industry. Security measures include time slots, channel monitors, data package repetitions and many others.

Key Benefits

Features Documents
  • Two Watts power output achieving the longest range industry wide
  • Instant On-Demand Read
  • Support Remote Disconnect Meters
  • Instant installation verification
  • FCC licensed frequency
  • Easy plug & play installation
  • Over the air programming
  • Smart Leak Detection – extreme or residual
  • Backflow detection
  • Automatically transmits critical alerts in real time
  • Universal MTU
  • Multiport configurations
  • Digital Pulse configuration
  • Field replaceable lithium battery pack
  • Inside / Outside installation