MegaNet™ System Overview

Fixed Network Wireless AMI


MegaNet™ by KP is a high-powered, two-way, long-range, fixed-network advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) system.

MegaNet provides municipalities and utilities of all size with smart metering solutions designed to increase efficiencies, conserve water, and improve customer service while meeting their business needs.

With 2 Watt licensed radio transmission, the MegaNet system is simply the most powerful solution available in the industry. MegaNet deploys true end-to-end RF AMI. This creates one of the most reliable communication systems capable of delivering long range results without the cost of, or dependency on, any third-party communications infrastructure such as cellular, Internet, or telephone. 

The MegaNet  technology is field-proven with more than two million transmitters installed globally. Utilities can choose from completely managing their networks without the need for vendor-managed services or employ a hosted solution to assist with network monitoring.  MegaNet system is ideally suited for all AMI applications.

The meter transmission units (MTUs) transmit meter usage and alarm data (from virtually all meter manufacturers) directly to the Head-End, or to a long range collector. The collector will verify the strength of the signal through the handheld device immediately on-site providing instant network verification.

Data is obtained and transmitted via the MTU. The Head-End unit receives transmissions from the collector or directly from MTUs. The data is then recorded and stored on an onsite server, or on the hosting server (depending on customer’s specifications). The data is displayed on the feature rich, intuitive data management software package referred to as MCM.

The MegaNet  system enables automatic wireless transmission of meter readings from residential and commercial meters to a computerized control center. The MegaNet system delivers readings and provides real-time alerts upon detection of any abnormal event. Utilizing long-range wireless technology,  MegaNetsystem is simple to deploy, yet offers many powerful tools to the utility.