Super Collector

The RMR5000S™ radio Super collector is a high powered long range device that receives signals both from MTU’s and collectors, process the data using a powerful industrial computer and then forward it to the communication management Head-End Transceiver.

All RMR5000S™ collectors are equipped with several communication mediums (RF modem, Cellular modem, WAN) that act as a backup to the other, ensuring maximum reliability at minimum cost. RF modem and/or WAN are typically used as the main links, and Cellular is used as backup.

RMR5000S™ is a super collector that stores and communicates the data collected from end point and standard collectors through a wireless link using a secured licensed radio frequency. The unique high power output and high speed communication is ideal for managing large scale communication networks, extending transmission distances and system capacity. The RMR5000S™ can expand a localized radio network to a countrywide system due to the equipment’s extensive connectivity, modular design and smart programming.

The RMR5000S is expandable supporting both one way & two way networks, taking the system design today while preparing for the growth of the future with the ability to operate on either VHF or UHF channels simultaneously.