1 January, 2021

New Products for the Alarm Industry

The design phase of many new products for the alarm industry, is completed.

15 June, 2021

Smart Electronic Register

Smart electronic register ,2021
15 June, 2021

AMI Projects

The largest AMI project ever in Israel’s history is near completion. 2021
1 October, 2020

New-Generation Based Transmitter

The design phase of new cellular new generation-based transmitter for the security market is completed. Production will commence on October 2020 new technology gen 4, NBIOT.
1 January, 2020


The design phase of new meter transmitter unit (MTU) for the advanced meter infrastructure (AMI) market is completed including wired MUBS interface for up to 8 water meters and analog sensors of 4-20 ma.
1 December, 2019


Development of new PIT MTU’S for sewage overflow alert for use by utilities and municipalities is completed
15 November, 2016

Customer Testimonial
KP MegaNet™ customer – Sacramento Suburban Water District (California)
30 October, 2016

New KP apps for Android

10 May, 2016

KP MegaNet™ - Stop That LEAK

Another MegaNet™ success story. "Stop That LEAK" project saves more than 1.03 million gallons of water within four months of implementation !
18 January, 2016

Depending on cellular networks for alarm transmission – big problem!

The alarm business of today relies on quality, reliable signal transport between a security client’s alarm system and a central station.
2 December, 2015

Mexico City - Advanced RF Infrastructure
IBOM & RFDF, our business partner at Mexico City, set up an advanced RF Infrastructure – RMR Network with KP’s unique products.
24 June, 2015

IFSEC 2015 Great Success!

KP had the pleasure to attend IFSEC 2015 show at London, the most important security industry show in Europe.
26 May, 2015

ATS100S™ – a transmitter designed to last

KP is proud to launch its newest ATS100S™ VHF, high power alarm transmitter.
20 May, 2015

UHF alarm transmission network in Israel

KP continues to strengthen its nationwide UHF alarm transmission network in Israel. The network is accessible from any location throughout the country using our advanced RMR Network technology.
15 April, 2015

RMR Station™ & NPR Server™

KP developed the ultimate alarm transmission platform.
This unique solution offers full scalability and flexibility, supporting hundreds of thousands of RF end-points on a single network.
15 March, 2015

A new innovative product ATSU100SD™

KP recently launched a new innovative product ATSU100SD™.
2 March, 2015

KP’s new MAT Family

KP is pleased to announce the New MAT™ family of Long Range Alarm Transmitters.